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This is it folks! We are NOT affiliated with any store, radio or TV show.

We ARE a tiny corner of cyber-space where people have been coming to get answers to their computer related questions for over 18 years. Computer Scientists/Enthusiasts ready to lend a helping hand with easy to understand "How to" and "How come" answers for you. Just ask, and an answer will wing it's way back to you via email.

For many years before Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, EBay, etc., friends and family have been coming here for many of the features now found on those other sites. If you are looking for an alternative or a suppliment to those other sites, Sign up here and try our services.

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Option5 Web Services

Option5 Web Services

Custom, Secure, and Easy to use control panel to manage your group
or business, track costs, and see operational status at a glance.
Betty's Sew & Sew

Betty's Sew 'N Sew

Over 50 years of sewing and alterations experience. Now in the Las Cruces, NM area.
Trading Post On-line Classified Ads the free and easy way. Come see what people are selling in your area from garage sales to selling their garage!

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