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Redwood Tank Plans

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Hello. If you are looking for plans to build something round, here you go. I did it. I built several Redwood water tanks, and saved all of my pains and triumphs here in these plans. Below you will see the Introduction, and the table of contents from the plans, which are over 15 pages long printed out, and include an on-line calculator to do all of the math for you.

- Bob Marsh

Redwood Tank Plans

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I had a stack of Redwood lumber, which came from an old deck that I replaced. The wood looked to be in sad shape, rotting, and nail holes, knot holes, odd lengths, etc., but it was old growth Redwood and I couldn't just throw it away. I cross-cut one of the boards and saw that the inside was in excellent shape and the rotting in places was only a thin layer on the surface.

My main hobby at the time was landscaping the garden and water plants. I put two and two together and decided to make some tanks for water lilies. I started out with a little Trigonometry to calculate the angles, began cutting boards with my table saw, and learned as I went along. After a tank or two, I quickly found the hard way and the easy way to do things, things that worked, and things that did not work.

I figured that I would write down the plans before I forgot all the mistakes that I had made. If I were using new lumber, it would be quite expensive making the same mistakes twice. It seems that Math, Logic, and common sense will get you started, but with water tanks, experience is the best teacher.

This plan will guide you step-by-step through the process. It will list the materials and tools that you need, and includes diagrams, and tables to assist you in building circular Redwood tanks, from small flower pots to large water tanks. I have also included a web page calculator that you enter the size tank you want to build, and it calculates all of the key measurements that you will need.

It is a bit of a kick building round things from straight lumber, and leaves you with a real feeling of accomplishment. It is not hard once you know how, and everyone will be impressed with the results. There is just something naturally appealing about a round Redwood water tank.

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Table of Contents

Redwood Tank Plans


Table of Contents

Getting Started

Important Numbers



Cutting Side Boards

Figure 1.1

Step 1: Tank Height

Step 2: Inside Slot for Bottom

Step 3: Slots for Plumber's Tape

Step 4: Rip Angle A

Figure 1.2

Bottom Circle

Step 1: Make a Square

Figure 2.1

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Step 3: Mark the Xs

Step 4: Cut the Xs

Figure 2.2

Tank Assembly

Step 1: Screw Sideboards to Tank Bottom

Step 2: Add the Plumber's Tape Bands

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Final Note

Tables & Formulas

Fraction Conversion Table

Tank Formulas

Tank Sample Table

Tank Calculator