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Welcome Treasure Hunter!

Shiver me timbers. I be need'n your name and password buck-o!
Be sure to enter the letters exactly as they are shown on your invitation.
Changing capital and lower case letters will block your way.
Hello. For those of you who have just walked in, let me explain what is happening.

Treasure hunters of all ages are coming here to go on a real, live treasure hunt. They must give their name and password above to enter the adventure, and then have to solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to find their treasure.

I built a treasure hunt for my nephew for his 10th birthday and it was such great fun that I started making treasure hunts for upcoming holidays and just about any excuse that I could find. One day it occurred to me that this would be a great learning tool for the classroom, so I decided to make treasure hunts available to everyone.

If you would like to make a treasure hunt of your own, first Signup for your free user account here, then you can order a treasure hunt via PayPal. A one time low fee gets you a blank treasure hunt to setup as you please. Add clues, puzzles, solutions, make changes, go on the hunt yourself, and when it is just right, send an invitation to your treasure hunter(s).

Make as many changes as you like and reuse your treasure hunt over and over again, and NO PROGRAMMING is needed on your part. Your treasure hunter does NOT need to be a registered user here. They simply come to computercorner.com and follow the link to this page as you did above. You can also create a group for family, friends, club, or classroom, and give them access to the hunt through your group page.

So come join the fun and spread some cheer. This is a great idea for any special occasion. Add something special to that upcoming birthday, anniversary, or even just a romantic night at home. Teachers, make a treasure hunt for your class and let your students have some fun while they learn. A treasure hunt is truly a joy for everyone from 8 to 80.

PS: Remember, there is nothing to download or install. Your PayPal purchase gives you instant access. As improvments are added to the treasure hunt program by us, you will automatically have them. You will NOT have to buy updates, or pay a higher price for new features.

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Take a minute and Sign up for your free user account here at ComputerCorner.com. As a user, you will be able to place an instant, on-line order for the Treasure Hunt via PayPal, and also enjoy the use of our other web services!