Betty's Sew & Sew

Betty's Sew & Sew

Betty Marsh, born in Monterey, California, shortly before World War II, grew up on a farm, and learned at a very early age how to sew. Her talents with sewing "elected" her as the family seamstress, and throughout the years she became the one person that everyone around came to for clothing repairs or alterations.

Even through her professional life as a Secretary or Court Reporter, Betty was the person in the office that coworkers would come to for their sewing needs.

In 1990, she opened a sewing business and produced clothes for local dress shops in the Ukiah, California, area under her own label: "Elegant You". While producing a line of Camisols, Wedding & Quinceañera dresses, she continued alterations on the side for a large following of devoted customers. Then, 10 years later, when her husband retired, they moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico to relax, and enjoy retirement.

You can probably guess what happened next. As much as retirement was appealing, Betty could not just stop sewing. Sure, she has more time to just enjoy life and travel, but it was not long before neighbors and new friends discovered her talents, and you know the rest of the story...

If you are looking for that one special person to cater to your custom clothing needs, give Betty a call, (575)382-9037, or email her at

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